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Committed to our Community

If you’ve spent any time in the last couple years around San Marco, you’ve seen construction everywhere, including our campus! This has been a significant journey for the church, and we are excited about how it will launch us into the future. We hope that as you learn about where we are and where we’re going, you’ll see once again how deeply committed SJPC is to our whole community.


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We know it’s a little strange to see such major changes happening. Take a look through these frequently asked questions to learn more about what’s going on!

The church decided to tear down the buildings on its campus except for the Sanctuary, and build a new, 14,000-square-foot event and fellowship space, as well as a courtyard that will be between the sanctuary and the new building.

SJPC decided it was time for a complete reorientation of our ministries—down to the very bricks and mortar. Instead of closing in, we chose to open ourselves wide to our community, and to design a new building where we are the minor tenants. Each decision along the way has been made to ensure that all of our neighbors—those on the river side, as well as those on our ocean side—have a meaningful place to be served.

SJPC hopes to become a central space for activity for the greater San Marco area. We’ve intentionally designed the space to be something that exists nowhere else in Jacksonville. We look forward to weddings, galas, conferences, that will provide the resources to help us seed non-profits, provide critical legal and financial aid, and support the needs of our neighbors and the community at large.

We hope to break ground in 2023, and be finished in 18 months. Of course, given the complications of supply chains in construction, it may take longer.

Send an email to welcome.to@sjaxpc.org, and let us know if you’d like to talk about a contribution to bring such an exciting project to life!