South Jacksonville Presbyterian

Worship Service: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.


visiting a new church can be scary

Find answers here.

We’re working hard to make sure visiting South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church isn’t. Everything you may need to know can be found in this list of frequently asked questions.

Have a question not listed below? The easiest way is to email us at welcome.to@sjaxpc.org, and we can help you from there!

When you come to SJPC, you’ll first find a warm welcome at the front door as you’re handed the weekly bulletin, often by one of the children that call SJPC home. You’ll notice that folks, both young and old are talking, laughing, and preparing themselves for worship. At about 10:20, our music director begins to play as our livestream begins. As you sit in one of our pews, you will see our weekly announcements scroll on the televisions up front, helping you see all the events coming up in the week.  

Most folks come somewhere between 10:00-10:15am for our 10:30am service. However, we also often have a Sunday School class that starts at 9:00am.

Until the parking garage is completed, please park on the side streets adjacent to our campus (Mitchell Ave., Mango Place or Alford Place) or in San Marco Square.

Enter via the Mitchell Avenue side entrance which also has a ramp.

Yes! We have accessible parking as well as a ramp to enter the sanctuary.

Our membership is around 325, which is mid-sized for a PCUSA church. Practically, it’s a size where you can choose whether you want to slide in and out on a Sunday, or get a chance to know lots of people!

Our congregation is made up  mostly of people who live in San Marco, Miramar, San Jose, Mandarin, and Riverside.

Some people wear suits, some wear flip-flops. We do not have a strict dress code; we want you to be comfortable worshiping with us.

Most folks say that our worship style reminds them of the best parts of growing up in the church. Big pipe organ sounds, meaningful call and response prayers, time for the children to be a part of worship as well. We try to keep the best parts of traditional worship, but minimize the stodginess that can go along with it.  You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re laughing, or if you hear a song by an artist mentioned in the sermon.

Pastor Adam engages the Scripture seriously, and makes sure that the sermon first and foremost faithfully comes from the text. He also looks to what’s happening in the world and preaches on the intersection between what the text is speaking and what will help us use it today. But, you don’t have to just take it from us: you can listen to Adam’s sermons by following our Sermons@SJPC podcast through your favorite podcast service or by going to https://rss.com/podcasts/sjaxpc/

Yes! We believe that the communion table isn’t just Presbyterian, only meant for a specific group of people, but instead a reminder that we are beloved people gathered from all the ends of the earth. We typically serve communion monthly, along with especially meaningful Sundays like Easter and Pentecost—if it has a special name, we’re probably offering communion!

Anyone of any age can be baptized, and can be baptized by sprinkling or by immersion in a body of water. We believe this is a moment that we as a community celebrate God’s faithfulness throughout all of history, and commit to care for the person being baptized. 

Absolutely.  We have an ever-growing children’s and youth group, and are always happy to have your children join us!  We have Sunday School during worship for our youngest children, but everyone—from the youngest to the oldest—are welcome to join us in the Sanctuary for worship.

Yes! If you’re interested, we invite you to email welcome.to@sjaxpc.org so we can send you more specific information. As a church, we’ve committed to be fully inclusive, and will not deny a couple’s request to be married at SJPC on the basis of their sexuality.

Just let Pastor Adam know you’re interested!  We also have “New Member Sundays” a few times a year.  We don’t require any classes before becoming a member.  After you become a member, Pastor Adam will get together with you to help you find a place where you can use your gifts and skills to help in whatever way you’d like!