South Jacksonville Presbyterian

Worship Service: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.


Head, Heart, and Hands

Mission’s task is to steward our corporate tithe—in head, heart, and hands. Not just a check-writing committee, Mission discerns the needs of the community, the region, and the world that resonate with our church family and helps the congregation mature in their faith by engaging intellectually (head), emotionally (heart) and volitionally (hand) with these issues.

We do not see ourselves as above those we serve, but fervently believe that everyone has gifts, skills, and passions. We serve arm-in-arm with them as beloved children of God.


SJPC played a founding role in the missions of UCOM, DESC and HabiJax and has provided and served dinner for struggling community members at Sulzbacher for decades. We also continue to work with Jacksonville Campus Ministry, ICARE and 904WARD.



For more information about our mission opportunities, call or email the church office.